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HR Advance is a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR, IR and Safety documents including contracts, policies, forms, communications and checklists. All documents come with extensive notes on their use and application.


These documents aim to help you develop appropriate policy documents for your workplace participants (including employees, agents and contractors).

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It is vital that your business has appropriate contractual documents in place in relation to your employees and contractors.

This website provides you with an interactive format to create customised employment Contracts and Agreements. Click on the document links below for further information.

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The main purpose of having appropriate forms in a business is to ensure consistency and to manage your workplace participants (including employees and contractors) more efficiently. The forms provided here are sample documents which have been designed to apply as widely as possible to any business.

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Businesses should have appropriate communications/documents in place in relation to their employees (and contractors). ‘Communications' here refers to letters or other documentation sent to employees by employers.

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