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Employee management

Replace paper files and streamline employee data and recordkeeping

Improve the way you manage employee files and store everything in one centralised database online for easier access to the information you need whenever you need it, and for more accurate recordkeeping.


Employee management dashboard

Manage all employee information in a centralised online database so you’ll always be able to retrieve any HR document whenever you need it. Plus, you can pre-populate employee information when you create new documents from within HR Advance ensuring everything is accurate and up-to-date.

Document storage

Store documents such as employment contracts and accepted company policies against individual employee profiles. Upload existing files from your computer, create and store notes, or create other new documents from our comprehensive library of HR templates, letters, and forms.

Customise profiles

Customise employee profiles by configuring the fields your company needs. So, along with name, job title, department, salary, start date, birthday, home address and so on, you can store information about the teams the individual is a part of, it’s up to you.

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