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Create legally sound contracts in minutes

Minimise risk and confusion by setting down an employee’s terms and conditions when you hire them.

Having a well written employment contract helps you avoid disputes with employees because it sets out the ground rules of the relationship.

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Minimise confusion

By setting out a clear framework for the relationship, you minimise risk and leave nothing to chance. Using HR Advance, you can create legally sound contracts in minutes and outline the employee’s work hours, leave entitlements, remuneration, probationary period, and more.

Job Descriptions

While there’s no legal requirement to include a job description, providing a list of the duties and a job description makes sure your employees know what their job entails. This is such an important part of healthy employee engagement.

For when things go wrong

Specifying up front how you deal with termination of employment, or detailing post-employment restraints in your employment contracts will make things so much smoother when exiting people out of the business.

Automatic updates

You don’t need to spend time updating your contracts when you use HR Advance. Employment contracts (and policies) are automatically updated in line with any legislation changes, helping you stay compliant.


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