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Create legally compliant employment contracts in minutes

Not sure what employment contract you need? From full-time to casual, HR Advance has you covered.

Minimise risk and confusion with a well written employment contract, helping you set out the ground rules of the relationship with the employee.

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Every employment type is covered with HR Advance

All our employment contracts are backed by award-winning employment lawyers which means you save time and money in expensive legal fees. From full-time to part-time, casual to fixed-term contracts – HR Advance has every employment agreement covered.

How HR Advance can help you stay compliant

We work with the best employment lawyers in the business - Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors, to consistently add and update our documents. Our proactive approach means you have complete peace of mind knowing your HR contracts and policies are in-line with the current legislation.

Webinar - Contracts of Employment - Get the basics right

Watch our free webinar to answer all your questions on employment contracts. Join Senior Associate, Sophie Margaret Whish from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors and Catherine Ngo, Senior Editor of HR Advance as they talk through the basics of employment contracts.


Why employment contracts are important

Having a clear framework for your employer and employee relationship helps to minimise risk and leaves nothing to chance.

Our contracts are simple and easy to complete, allowing you to specify upfront how you deal with scenarios such as termination of employment and post-employment restraints.

What should be included in an employment contract?

Using HR Advance, you can create legally sound contracts within minutes. The contracts will outline the employee’s work hours, leave entitlements, remuneration, probationary period, and more. While there’s no legal requirement to include a job description, providing a list of the duties and a job description makes sure your employees know what their job entails. This is such an important part of healthy employee engagement.


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