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How to use HR Advance

HR Advance brings 3 fundamental elements together to help your business operate more efficiently and cost effectively when it comes to your HR function.

  1. Employee management
  2. Documentation
  3. Knowledge centre

Employee management

Maintaining employee records can be cumbersome and time consuming. HR Advance allows you to quickly and easily upload employee details, including start and end dates, photographs and notes, as well as allowing you to allocate individual contracts, policies and check lists to each user. 

Stored in the cloud, you can be sure that your employee’s details are secure and visible only to you.


HR Advance assists Australian employers in setting up the documentary basis for employment relationships. It provides guidance through checklists, automated documents and forms.   
There are 4 categories of important documents which you will find on this website: 

  1. The fundamental contractual document - the Contract of Employment
  2. A source document for employment conditions, which fills the gaps and supplements the contract of employment - this is either an award, an enterprise agreement or an Individual Transitional Employment Agreement (ITEA). Most employees’ conditions are regulated by one or more of these documents, except for very senior employees.
  3. Policies applicable to a business or a particular worksite.
  4. Communications between an employer and employee that may vary or qualify contractual terms, or may clarify and explain arrangements set out in the employment contract or the principal source document.

NB: the Contract of Employment is enforced by contract law, while an Award, Enterprise agreement or ITEA is enforced by an industrial tribunal or agency.

Find out more about:

HR Advance also contains:

  1. Checklists and forms are used to ensure consistency and to streamline your employment practices;
  2. Links to legislation and awards

Finding the document that best suits your individual needs

There are 2 easy ways to find the documents you need: 
  1. By topic - If you decide to find the documents you need via the key topics to the right of your screen (or at the bottom of the page, if you’re using a mobile device), you will find a list of relevant documents that apply to a particular topic.
  2. By type - Each category of documents starts with information on how to use those particular documents, for example How to use these policies or How to use these forms and so on.
Links to other web sites are provided where appropriate.

Creating and customising documents 

**This is only available to current HR Advance subscribers** 
Click on any document listed within the document library and you will be taken to the commentary page for that document. Read this information to help you decide whether the document is appropriate for your needs.