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Making your induction program successful

Hiring new employees can be an exciting and stressful time. Ensuring they receive and understand important company documents is vital for a smooth transition into your business.

HR Advance makes it easy to create induction packs for all employees, certain role types or individual business units - leading to a more easily communicated and successful induction program. 

When a new employee accepts a job offer it’s as simple as assigning documents to them, then simply printing or emailing the policies, or giving the new employee access to the employee portal – giving them a great start to their new role.   

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Which documents should I include in an induction pack?

Each business will have unique requirements when it comes to the contents of their induction packs, but commonly used documents include:
Depending on the type of work carried out by your employees you may like to consider additional policies related to noise, heavy lifting, working at heights, contractors and more. 

The 200+ documents included as part of the HR Advance system are a great starting point, or you can upload documents of your own.

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