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Protect your business

With robust, uniformly enforced workplace policies

Having clear, well-documented workplace policies is essential for any business but for policies to protect your business from employee misconduct or if you have a matter before the Fair Work Commission, they also need to be properly communicated and enforced.
Used in tandem with 200+ HR documents and workplace policies, HR Advance policy dashboard offers an easy way to ensure all your staff is aware of and has accepted your business policies.

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Enhance your legal compliance & Reduce risk

Policies and procedures have an important role to play in managing your business, but can expose you to legal risks. Numerous legal claims may arise from the content and implementation of policies, such as:


  • Sexual harassment claims
  • WHS prosecutions
  • Discrimination claims
  • Unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  • Trade Practices Act claims
  • Breach of contract claims

Legal risks can be significant and the compensation awarded can run into the millions, hence it is important that your business takes steps to reduce these legal concerns.

With 200+ legally sound documents and a Policy dashboard where policy distribution and acceptance is easily managed, HR Advance provides all the tools you need to create and share key policies with your team.

Tracking acceptance

Requesting acceptance from employees ensures that your business meets its requirement under the Fair Work system. HR Advance makes this easy. Simply send a system email to employees, inviting them to access the employee portal and log their acceptance, or alternatively, upload a scanned copy of signed acceptances in bulk.

Policy acceptance for new starters

Ensure new employees are aware of and acknowledge your policies in their first days of employment by incorporating policy acceptance into your induction program.

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