Create rosters in minutes
And manage shift requests and staff availability with ease

Use our simple but powerful rostering tool to create and share your team’s shifts in minutes. Built-in Award interpretation looks after pay-rate compliance, and easy integration with your own payroll system means everything’s in sync.

<br> Create rosters with actual costs

Create rosters with actual costs

Drag and drop functionality means creating rosters is super easy. And you can monitor the actual cost of your roster as you build it, and before you publish your shifts, to make sure you keep within your budget.

<br>10 Award Interpretations

10 Award Interpretations

Our rostering tool automatically factors in penalty rates, time periods and other pay rate components for 10 Awards, giving you peace of mind that you’re paying staff correctly and freeing you up from hours of calculations.

<br>Payroll<br> Integration


Export compliant award interpreted timesheets to your payroll software ready to be processed in your next pay run. There’s no need for manual reconciliation or data double-handling from one system to the other.

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