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Workplace Policies

Minimise risk by laying down ground rules for your staff

Use workplace policies and HR documents written by industry professionals to set the code of conduct for all your employees.

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Optimise compliance

Access more than 200 fully customisable, legally compliant HR, IR and Safety documents. With HR Advance you can build and store workplace policies and HR documents to better meet compliance requirements.

Enforce consistently & Track Acceptance

Workplace policies are only effective if they can be understood by all your employees. Using HR Advance you can be sure they’re properly communicated and uniformly enforced to all your people.

Automatic updates

You don’t need to spend time updating your contracts when you use HR Advance. Employment contracts (and policies) are automatically updated in line with any legislation changes, helping you stay compliant.


Workplace Advice Line

Call our experts for help with wage rates, termination of employment, redundancy, personal leave, and more.

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